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Employment News

April 17, 2014
A poor cultural fit is the primary reason top managers fail. Industry experts says job candidates as well as recruiters need to step up the diligence in the hiring phase.
April 13, 2014
The Saturday Essay: From administrative assistants (the real office power brokers) to enemies (the product of success) to 'reply all' (why you may be fired one day), Stanley Bing offers a modern glossary for workplace survival.

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Xigent Staffing

It’s no secret that one of the big worries for companies and candidates alike, in the fields of Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, is finding the right people for the right jobs, particularly in the Midwest, where we focus, and where the unemployment rate is around 1% for highly-skilled jobs in these sectors.

Availability of talent is only half the problem, if you can imagine that. Compounding this scarcity is the pipeline of people entering the talent pool is shrinking. It’s your basic supply and demand dilemma; too few people, too many jobs, and angst all around for both parties.

To alleviate much of this angst, and to make sure the recruiting process for both parties is as smooth and productive as possible, Xigent Staffing goes to extraordinary lengths to match the ideal job with the ideal prospect.

So if you are company with a technology, engineering or manufacturing job you’re finding hard to fill, or if you’re a candidate finding it hard to find the right position please give contact Brian Rousslang at 763-398-6869 or via email at brousslang@xigentstaffing.com.

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